Actually, this story isn't very interesting. Basically most of the time we were drunk and we thought we were the shit. At least it was a lot of fun.

BOLTED is an atypical band, which really can hardly be called a band. The origins of BOLTED go back to 2013, when Carlos Amor, Javier Boquete and Fran Añón decided that in their thirties they still have time to pick up their instruments and have fun recording music. Carlos, who has some notions of guitar, begins to get his act together with his newly bought electric guitar, while Fran Añón begins to take bass lessons and learn to play drums on his own. Javier Boquete prefers to stay away from the instruments and stands as the vocalist of an experiment called “Triple Corona”.

This bunch of friends basically get together on the weekends before going out at Fran’s house to play and have fun while having a few warm-up beers for the night. During these night outings Carlos, Javier and Fran meet Judith Longueira and Marcos Catoira, who quickly became very close friends and formed a gang to go out regularly. By that time, Javier ceases to be interested in music and nightlife; and since Fran has to assume the role of bassist and drummer in the recordings and since Carlos, like Fran, doesn’t know how to sing, they invite Marcos Catoira and Judith Longueira to join the “band”.

Judith will be the voice and Marcos Catoira the new bass player. Although Judith has very little experience as a singer and Marcos has never touched a bass in his life, they both take an interest in the new hobby.

After a few months of rehearsing during the weekends in the evening, the band decides that it is time to record a song, and since none of the members dare to compose anything, they decide to try with a cover, but with the condition of avoiding to sound like a “karaoke group”; that is, they decide that somehow the songs that will be recorded in the future will be reinterpreted to make them sound different. At that moment, Juako Vargas, a co-worker of Fran, joins the band and is offered to take the role of rhythm guitarist just in time to record that first song. The theme will be “Doom And Gloom” by the Rolling Stones, and since the band needed a name to publish the song, they decide to call themselves “Bolted” in honor of the epic nightlife in which they met.

Shortly after the recording of this first song, the drummer Fran Añón moved to Barcelona, so the following recordings will be made between Coruña and the Catalan capital, taking the chance of Fran’s visits to Coruña to record the videos and practice together.

Because BOLTED hasn’t composed a song in his life, it can’t be said to have any influences, but is basically a heterogeneous group of music lovers ranging from Anglo-American Classical Rock lovers to Spanish Punk fans. BOLTED takes that as a virtue, and decides not to close itself to any style.

BOLTED has never officially played live and the only diffusion of their work has been through Social Networks. The truth is that BOLTED has no pretensions beyond having fun and its members don’t even consider themselves musicians.