Marcos Catoira


Marcos Catoira is by one year, the grandfather of the group. After a lifetime dedicated to logistics at a seafood company while listening to Appetite for Destruction, Marcos decided that learning to play an instrument was his thing, and bass seemed the easiest choice. He replaced Fran in this instrument, and quickly developed his skills to do it fairly well according to our poor standards.

His musical influences are Appetite for Destruction.

Juako Vargas

Rythm Guitar

Juako Vargas is the group's baby by two years. Born in Madrid, he was the last member to join BOLTED. After a lifetime of computer development, he was forced by four drunks to join a rock band, even though he had no idea how to hold a guitar. As a punk lover, he's constantly trying.

His musical influences are Lehendakaris Muertos and other kalimotxo punk stuff.

Judith Longueira


Judith Longueira is the girl of the band. She was recruited as a singer by Carlos Amor and Fran Añón, as they did not know how to sing. Since they didn't know anyone who could sing, they convinced Judith, who couldn't sing either... but being beautiful, she could distract attention from it. Besides, as an English teacher, she can at least pronounce.

Her musical influences are her father and Ryan Adams.

Carlos Amor

Lead Guitar

If Marcos is the grandfather, Carlos is the father of BOLTED. Not only because he is actually the only one who has offspring, but because he has always been the sensible one in the band, always concerned that sanity should prevail. Economist by profession, and extremely rational, he only agreed to buy an electric guitar during a drunken night.

His musical influences are the three CDs they loop on Rock FM.

Fran Añón

Drums & Production

Just as Carlos is the extremely rational one, Fran is the highly impulsive one. Among the poor decisions he has made throughout his life are to become creative in advertising and to found a band with a few drunks in their thirties. He pretends to know how to play drums, as well as many other things.

His musical influences are the bands that BOLTED covers, as he is an expert manipulator who makes the others believe that decisions are unanimous.